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Welcome to Emery Way Photography!

I am a custom boutique portrait studio. Let me create something amazing for you!

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I began my photography career in 1984 as a children's photographer for a company that serviced a large retail chain. I photographed mostly children in an open retail environment in high volume. This is important because it taught me about children and their natures relative to their ages, and how to act like a complete fool in front of lots of people, just to get the expression I wanted!

Owning a boutique studio in a small town has always been a dream of mine. Thanks to hard work and my long suffering wife, Gwen, my dream finally came true in 2013.

Let me create an amazing portrait experience for you!

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Guestbook for Emery Way Photography
Well, as you said in you biodata, your photographs of children is so beautiful and brilliant that I haven’t seen with any other photographers who has came into this field recently. The tone selection and the lighting you use for your photographs are so stunning.
19.Carla Underwood(non-registered)
I knew that I wanted you to take Stacie's sr. dance pictures of her in her pointe solo costume, but I'm just blown away at how beautiful they turned out. They are absolutely timeless! I don't really have words to describe how great everything went, from the shoot to you helping us design photos and being so patient while two women tried to make definite decisions haha. Love the whole experience! It was a great memory and one that we will cherish for years to come every time we look at the beautiful pictures on our walls.
18.Holly Granderson Omundson(non-registered)
Hi Emery ~
I still love your pictures! Oh...Holly Eichler, from IPSCO, you did pictures of my darling daughter Sara a long time ago. I still have one of the Easter pictures you did of her framed, it's such a good picture! Saw you on fb and thought I'd take a look. Wish I would have found you a couple of years ago, your senior pics are great.
Take care of you and keep up the good work.
17.Mason Thomas(non-registered)
Mr. Way,
I just want you to know how much we appreciate you coming out. It takes a skilled photographer to make us misfits look that good. Thanks again and we'll hopefully see you again this season!
15.Kristen Corley(non-registered)
Your photos are AMASING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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